Who are you AS I AM PARIS ?

I am what I am, that is, authentic and passionate.

Can you describe your birth ?

I was born in Paris in 2012. I am the product of a deep desire to create beautiful and funny things, contemporary and surprising.

How do you define your style ?

I juggle between several different styles and influences. I like the fact that we can not really define my style, that one season to another, I can still surprise!

What inspires you?

The emotions that emerge from all the good, beautiful, funny and sexy things.

If you were a motto, you would be?

Better late than never or no God, no master ! The last one is so cool !

Your pride ?

My freedom ! It’s perhaps soppy but it’s so true !

Your best story?

And BAM the dog !

If you were a film ?

A romantic horror road movie with aliens who are in search of treasure in the middle of a western.

If you were a place?

PARIS of course !